Sudanese Islamic Movement closes its ninth general conference on the Exhibitions Ground in Burri

Khartoum, November 17, 2018 (Sihr Al-Bayan)
First Vice President of the Republic,Bakri Hassan Saleh, affirmed that Sudan is a safe country that enjoys the peace and stability and agreement,adding that the state will support this stability by improving the economy and quickly solving current problems.
Speaking at the closing session of the Ninth General Conference of the Sudanese Islamic Movement on the Exhibitions Ground in Burri,in the presence of Dr.Osman Mohammed Youssef Kibir,Vice President of the Republic,Sheikh Al-Zubair Ahmed Al Hassan,secretary general of the Islamic Movement,and a number of ministers and state officials as well,Saleh stated that the modernization of the movement and the development of its mechanisms can help addressing the internal and external challenges, indicating that the external targeting of Islam poses a threat to all Islamic currents, wetherSunnis, Sufis, Shiites or political Islam,calling for awareness of the targeting that has several types.
For his part,Sheikh Al-Zubair Ahmed Al-Hassan,Secretary General of the Sudanese Islamic Movement,called on the members of the movement to open up more to the other and to accept it, to strengthen the intellectual capacities of young people and to strengthen unity,stressing that these approaches can counter violent attacks on political Islam,calling for commitment to the results of the national dialogue and coordinating with Islamic sects to achieve goals.
He confirmed that the Islamic Movement is moving in its new session towards partnership with other Islamic sects  to launch Dawaa activities and social actions.
Sheikh Al-Zubair saluted the Wilayas participants at the 9th General Conference, welcoming the secretariats of young people,women and students,praising their outstanding participation in the movement’s activities calling for continuing the training of the cadres of the Islamic Movement.
He welcomed the participation of women in the activities of the Dawaa of the movement and in the political activities of the party and called for more opportunities for women, saying that femms could help solve the economic problem,especially in increasing production and reducing consumption through their homework.
secretary-general of the Islamic movement said that the members of the movement should actively participate in the campaign to complete the organizational structures of the National Congress Party,which is the political arm of the Movement, and to participate effectively in the forthcoming elections, emphasizing the promotion of the principle dialogue with each other within and outside the movement,in favor of peace and security and stability, calling for enhancing national dialogue, promote peace, internal national cohesion and unity of ranks.
Al-Zubair emphasized the importance of strengthening the effectiveness of the movement’s institutions especially the Shura Council, explaining that this would result in greater unity in the movement and in prevention of conflicts in their ranks.