In the presence of President al-Bashir,the Shura council of the Sudanese Islamic Movement,renews its trust in Sheikh Al-Zubair Ahmed Al-Hassan,as Secretary-General of the Movement for the session (2019/2023)

Khartoum, 19/11 / 2018
Sihr Al Bayan Center for Press Services
Marshal Omar al-Bashir,Chairman of the Supreme Leadership Council of the Sudanese Islamic Movement and President of the Republic,has assisted on Monday evening, November 19, 2018,the first session of the National Shura Council of the Movement in its session (2019-2023) in the presence members of the Shura Council elected by the 9th general conference of the movement.
At the procedural meeting,the Shura Council elected its 60 members and unanimously elected its President Dr. Al-Fateh Ezzedine Al-Mansour,his two vices;Abdulla Ibrahim Al-Faki and Ustaza Halima Hassaballah and Mr.Amir Al-Numa’an as Rapporteur of the Council.
Also,the council has unanimously elected Sheikh Al-Zubair Ahmed Al-Hasan, Secretary General of the Islamic Movement for the 2019/2023 session.
President al-Bashir praised the good deeds of Sheikh Al-Zubair,adding that they had been working together in a context of complicated unstable political conditions for many years,revealing that Sheikh Al-Zubair was playing a role pivot in the success of the Ingaz revolution.
For his part,Sheikh Al-Zubair Ahmed al-Hassan,Secretary-General of the Islamic Movement, pointed out that the internal and external challenges facing Sudan require unity of ranks, orientation to Allah Almighty, and achievement of the organizational structures of the National Congress which is the “political arm of the movement” noting that he will coordinate with the Shura Council to set-up the General Secretariat of the Movement on the basis of the provisions of the Constitution of the Movement.
Al-Zubair  praised the success of the movement’s ninth conference,noting that the Islamic movement had learned from the previous session,learned from the pros and cons and has developed its plans for the future.
For his part,Dr.Al-Fateh Ezzedine Al-Mansour,chairman of the National Shura Council of  the Islamic Movement, said the movement had gone through dangerous turns for fifty years of its history, but Allaha had saved it .”The movement came out of crises more powerful and more consistent,asserted Al-Zubair.
“Ismaic and Arab world faces unprecedented crisis, which places great responsibility on the Islamic movement,referring to wars and crises that sweep some Arab countries and left millions of refugees and thousands of dead and widows” stated the chairman of Shura council.