Al-Zubair inaugurates the Islamic complex of Sheikh Abu Najma in Shendi

Sheikh Al-Zubair Ahmed Al-Hassan, secretary-general of the Sudanese Islamic Movement, inaugurated on Friday,December 7, 2018,the Islamic complex of Sheikh Abu Najma in the village of Al-Qiheed of Shendi in the Wilaya of  Nahr al-Nil in the presence of several leaders of the movement of the center and the Wilaya and the leaders and personalities of the civil society as well.
Al-Zubair praised the activities of the complex,noting that the Koranic memorizers need quiet places away from the noise of the big cities,noting that the village of Al-Qiheed offers suitable environment in this regard.
He stated that Koranic memorizers are expected to play an important role in their community,adding that the graduates of the complex will be sheikhs in the future
The Secretary-General of the Islamic Movement encouraged the memorizers to continue their studies in all types of sciences,and complete their studies in the medical and engineering schools and other faculties of the university and in other higher education institutions.
On the sidelines of the inauguration of the Sheikh Abu Najma Islamic Complex, Sheikh Al-Zubair Ahmed Al-Hassan attended the celebrations in the village of Al-Qiheed of  the collective wedding of thirty young men and women and the graduation a number of memorizers of the Holy Qur’an.
The secretary-general of the Islamic Movement donated for the drilling of a water well for the villagers and provided financial incentives to the memorizers.