al-Bashir: Accession to power is not our goal

Field Marshal Omar al-Bashir,President of the Republic and Chairman of the Supreme Leadership Council of the Sudanese Islamic Movement,emphasized that power and governance have never been an objective for them “but a means to build a society of religion,ethics, science and knowledge while focusing on the spiritual dimension,” said the president al-Bashir.
In his speech delivered on Saturday,February 16, 2019 in Khartoum,in front of the National Shura Council of the Sudanese Islamic Movement held in its second session 2018/2023, in the presence of Sheikh Al-Zubair Ahmed Al Hassan,Secretary General of the Movement Dr. Al-Fateh Ezz Al Din Al Mansour, President of the National Shura Council of the Movement,and in the presence of Shura Council members,President al-Bashir urged the leaders and adherents of the movement in the Wilayas and in all localities and villages in Sudan to design Dawaa programs for young people and students,calling on them to lead initiatives within the community and strengthen internal unity.
The Chairman of the Supreme Leadership Council added that Sudan will get out of crises and current difficulties more powerful, calling for more efforts  to preserve and develop the country.
“Despite plots against Sudan and the crises it faces, Sudan is continuing development projects,” said President al-Bashir, noting that the Ingaz revolution had developed ambitious programs to develop education for free minds from the constraints of sectarianism and tribalism.
He  pointed out that those who demonstrate against the government have all the freedom to hold their press conferences freely.
For his part,Sheikh Al-Zubair Ahmed Al Hassan,Secretary-General of the Islamic Movement, affirmed the movement’s full commitment to the values ​​of religion, despite the plots of Communists and their allies that targeting religion and values, underlining the continuation of their efforts to maintain Sudan’s unity and stability, calling for the implementation of the national dialogue outcomes .
He confirmed the movement’s desire to establish relations with other Islamist currents,insisting on the adoption of Moderate Islam by the Islamic movement.
Sheikh Al-Zubair presented to the Shura Council a report on the formation of the General Secretariat of the Movement and the guidelines of the General Plan for its work at its new session.
He said the movement will actively work in all social,intellectual,cultural and sports fields.