National Shura Council of the Islamic Movement concludes its work and issues its final statement

Khartoum, 18 February 2019
The National Shura Council of the Islamic Movement has concluded on Monday its second conference in the session of 2018/2020 and issued its final statement .
The statement reads as follows:
The council held its second session  in Khartoum on Saturday 11 th of Jamadi Al-Akhr 1440H corresponding to 16/2/2019 after the quorum was reached  .
Field Marshal Omer al-Bashir,President of the Republic and chairman of the Supreme Leadership Council of the Sudanese Islamic Movement,the Secretary General of the Islamic Movement,Sheikh Al-Zubair Ahmed Al-Hassan,and by the chairman of the movement’s Shura Council, Al-Fatih Izz-Eddin Al-Mansour have delivered speeches in front of the session .
The Shura Council has discussed the issues included in the conference agenda and heard an inclusive report on the legislative, political, economic and security situations in Sudan, and deliberated about directives of the Islamic Movement’s Action Plan for the year 2019.
After extensive discussion ,the Shura Council has issued the final communique which included the following:

The Islamic Movement is following up with great concern the political and social developments in the country and the current crises facing it, and expresses its condolences and implores Allah’s mercy upon  dear martyr of Sudan who died in the incidents.
The Islamic Movement emphasizes the necessity of upholding the sanctity of the soul and blood, honor and money, avoiding the causes of sedition whatever its forms and sticking to the voice of reason, wisdom and constructive dialogue,towards preserving the nation’s security and stability. The Islamic Movement also appreciates the efforts of the Sudanese Armed Forces, the Police forces, other regular forces and the Judiciary, and their work to maintain security and to perform their national duties with professionalism and determination to preserve national unity.

The Islamic Movement calls for intensifying the efforts and mobilizing energies for enhancing the citizens’ livelihood and the standard of services and speeding up the reform programs.

The Islamic Movement affirms the keenness to supporting the Shura values in the movement and continuing Daawa at all its fields, besides its commitment to work for the unity of the national and Islamic rank, to resume its continuous historical quest to applying the rule of Allah in the society, the state and all the institutions in favor of religion and for building the country  of values of virtue and purity.

The Islamic Movement emphasizes its readiness and patience to take into account nationalism of the national structure and cooperate with all the keen parties for the interest of the homeland and its stability.

The movement commits to moderation and reform in a framework of jurisprudence that guarantees without  discrimination support to oppressed and repairs injustice to them and  deters the oppressors .

The Islamic Movement affirms its respect and observance of international covenants and charters in all circumstances, and its keenness to establish wise and balanced external relations that realize human justice, mutual interests and world peace.

The Islamic Movement reaffirms its concern with all the societal components and the empowerment of the youths and new generations to lead in the future.

The Islamic Movement calls for assistance to the National Congress for strengthening the mechanisms of national dialogue and ensuring the implementation of its recommendations and promote it for further unification of Islamic and national forces to overcome  the current stage with a broad national consensus.

The Islamic Movement affirms its full awareness and rejection of the leftist intelectual,political and media campaign which is led by the communist and secular forces against religion and the Islamic Movement and its symbols and institutions .

Professor: Amir Abdallah  Al-Numa’an
Rapporteur of National Shura Council of the Islamic Movement